Training Courses

Tradition, care in the production, focus on quality, investments : everything can quickly goes down the drain if the person who makes the coffee does not know how to prepare it on a correct basis.

This is why our company constantly invests in staff training and offers courses for Clients, Barmen, and enthusiasts end users.

The courses are open to everyone:

To the growing pool of distributors and associates, to keep up to date with new proposals and, in particular, to deepen their knowledge of the products, which are becoming known, thanks to their efforts, inside and outside the borders of our country. 

– To professionals and business operators, eager to deepen and improve their basic skills, both theoretical and practical, and to better understand the transformation techniques of raw coffee as well as refine their preparation methods to enhance their expertise with a technical and sensory approach to organoleptic profiles.

To end customers who are willing to have a closer approach to our world or simply to feed their interest and browse behind the scenes of a must-have daily ritual.

In the classrooms of our headquarters, qualified professionals and cup-tasting experts share their experience, culture and secrets with the goal of constant improvement, to make an ever-better pleasure of espresso coffee, and to provide the highest quality in every single cup.