About us

“The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people” – Henry Ford

We are proud to represent a benchmark of coffee culture and excellence: a company capable of merging innovation and craftsmanship selecting and offering the best products and, for this reason, growing and becoming a leader in the high-end coffee segment.

We succeed in delighting our customers by creating extraordinarily good, beautiful, and well-made experiences and products, and by working quickly and efficiently to satisfy their needs and desires.

We believe in teamwork and understanding among our people, which enable us to innovate in a way that others envy us.

We will continue to transfer the passion for our work, the consciousness of knowing how to do it well, and the willingness to improve and look beyond.

Honest to clients and ourselves. Humble and modest in admitting our mistakes and being brave enough to take a step back, change and evolve.

These are the ideals in which we believe and which, over time, we have integrated into our company. Those values will make us ready to face the challenges that are ahead of us in the years to come and to write new pages of our history.

Giuseppe Gallitelli
Luigi Gallitelli
Chief operating officer
Marco Gallitelli
Chief commercial officer